Davos: Συζητήσεις για το μέλλον των Media

Ο Richard Edelman μας μεταφέ?ει αποσπάσματα από τις συζητήσεις που έγιναν ανάμεσα σε μεγαλοστελέχη των εται?ειών Media για το μέλλον του κλάδου τους. Όλο το post είναι πολ? ενδιαφέ?ον.

Οι φ?άσεις που εγώ ξεχώ?ισα:

“We are a digital company that has print as well, but our business model remains too reliant on print. The web has been benefiting aggregators, which does not play to our strengths. But the web is moving to communities–look at dating sites. This is our sweet spot. If we add citizen journalism and a list of best blogs by topic, we will build communities.”
— Arthur Sulzberger, publisher, New York Times

“Who is the biggest distributor of content? It is the consumer, who does not expect to be paid for this service but wants free in kind services. We also need to enhance individuality within each community.”
— Tom Glocer, CEO, Reuters

“There are five forces pushing the consumer to be involved with on-line media. Self expression/self publishing; Aggregating to relevant people; Sharing; Collaboration; Knowing where you are in the pecking order.”
— Yossi Vardi, venture capitalist, creator of instant messaging

“We must move from cool devices to cool experiences. The lack of open interfaces and standards is a block to what the consumer wants which is my personal content. The Internet will follow you instead of you following the Internet. Everything you can do today on a PC you will be able to do on a cell phone by the end of 2006.”
— Ed Zander, CEO, Motorola


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